Ultimate guide for a day in Malmo

When thinking of visiting a country like Sweden, your first thought is to think of the capital, Stockholm. However Sweden has many other treats to offer such as the compact city, Malmö. Easily accessible from Copenhagen, thanks to the Öresund Bridge, Malmo will make the perfect day trip. Located in the far south of Sweden, it’s famous for its food culture and many various restaurants. This cute little city offers lots of interesting things to see and we have added our ultimate guide for a day in Malmo. If you haven’t already, check our guide for an amazing stay in Copenhagen here.

We travelled here during January, which you can probably tell from a lot of the photos which have a darker and colder theme to some of our other trips. This makes Malmo a lovely place to visit all year round.

How to get there

Malmo is accessible by airport and train. We’d recommend visiting Malmo on a day trip from Copenhagen. The journey to Malmo from Copenhagen is very straight forward thanks to the Öresund Bridge. It allows you to travel by car, bus and train. Bus is the cheapest method if travelling on a budget. VyTravel and Flixbus run busses frequently and it will generally cost around €11 and take around an hour. We got the train which takes around 40 minutes. You can get your tickets at Copenhagen central station (Københavns Hovedbanegård) and these cost around €19. Once arriving in Malmo, we found the easiest method of getting about by just walking. Lots of things are in walking distance.

What to do when having a day in Malmo

We hate having to rush around and cram everything in a day, however we didn’t feel that way in Malmo. Everything was laidback and not too busy. We compiled a list of things we wanted to see and made our path. We found lots of unusual things to visit and some natural beauties. Here, we’ve compiled a list of things you might like to visit for a day in Malmo.

Malmöhus Castle

Malmöhus Castle next to a lake - a day in Malmo

This beautiful castle dates back to 1434 and contains several museums which may also be of interest including an art and natural history museum. If you’re not wanting to enter then it offers lots of photograph opportunities as well as somewhere for a nice picnic. Perfect visit for a day in Malmo.


Stortorget is in the centre of the city and the main square in Malmo. Again, it offers great opportunities for lovely photographs. There are many mesmerising buildings nearby along with the Renaissance façade. A great place to people watch and watch as time goes by.

Turning Torso Tower

The turning torso is a tall, building with fascinating architecture. Often, something which you will see on most postcards in Malmo. 

St Peter’s Church

A church with grey cloud - part of things to do in a day in Malmo

A stunning red-brick church and the oldest building in Malmo. It’s a wonderful place with gorgeous surroundings. While it is not as pretentious as Italy’s churches, or nearly as old, it played an important role in this region’s history. It is near other sites and definitely worth a few minutes, or more, of your time.

Visit the Kungsparken

A couple on a bench in Kungsparken. Part of things to do on a day in Malmo

Located in the green area around the Malmöhus Castle, you’ll notice interesting sculptures and statues around it. A green, beautiful park, beautiful even in the dark days of winter. It’s a wonderful place to relax and witness something picturesque and peaceful! Perfect for a stroll or a picnic, or even some fishing! 

Lilla Torg

A woman at Lilla Torg with restaurants - part of things to do in a day in malmo

A very popular cobbled square and another place where you can just people watch and relax as time goes by. A perfect place to stay at a bar, cafe or restaurant. It‘s very nice to see the historic buildings and enjoy the atmosphere. Conveniently, it’s very centrally located, just 5 minutes walking distance to the main train station.

Visit the talking lamp (during the holiday season)

This was definitely the most random thing we visited. Unfortunately, when we visited in January the lamp wasn’t talking but still an interesting monument in the middle of the square and more than worthy of a photo. We’ve learned this has become a Christmas holiday tradition to have this in the square. You’ll find this in the Lilla Torg square.


We came across this picturesque park by accident when on the search for Malmo’s football stadium. It features a lovely, large lake and avenues of huge beech and lime trees with a flower garden and cafes. In summer you’ll have acres of space to bathe. You’ll find this park offers a perfect, peaceful atmosphere.

Malmö Stadion

A football stadium where Malmo play, part of things to do in Malmo.

Finally, this was the main thing that Guy wanted to visit. A keen football fan, it was interesting to see this stadium which hosts one of Sweden’s most successful football teams. It was a nice opportunity to have a walk and explore more of Malmo and it allowed us to find Pildammsparken on the way.

Other places which offer nice photo opportunities

We found so many cool places which we knew nothing about and looked great for photos. A lot of them were completely accidental. We recommend just exploring the city by walking or if you want to venture further then try a bus. Most of these photos below were taken on our way to Malmo’s stadium.

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