About us

Hi there! We are two UK primary school teachers who don’t want to let our jobs affect our love of travelling. We are trying to offer teachers travel inspiration. Each 1 week, 2 week, or 6 week holiday is a chance for us to explore somewhere new. Due to the amount of places we want to visit, we research the cheapest ways of travelling to the places we want to go to and look at other places we can visit along the way.

We’re both in the 25-30 age group and love to visit countries and cities which offer a range of travelling desires. Whether that’s party places, beautiful beaches, historical landmarks or hidden escape, we’re sure our content will relate to you.

Teacher travel inspiration

A lot of our teacher travel inspiration comes from Instagram or word of mouth. If we see/hear somewhere that looks amazing, we’ll look at how we can incorporate it into travel plans. To achieve our goals, we try and map out a route which lets us visit as many places as possible, whilst also offering time for a much needed relax. This blog isn’t just for teachers! It can be used as inspiration for other travellers or for people with other professions with less holidays.

The primary aim of this teachers travel inspiration blog is to allow you to find places that you want to visit. We hope to help you find a route, which allows you to explore and discover amazing places in shorter spaces of time. Hopefully you find us relatable and find the content we produce as a bit of inspiration for your next journey.

We will post snaps from our favourite locations, with updates on country/city specific pages. We will offer guides and advice of what to do/where to go.

Most importantly, if you would like to see pictures of our trips; follow us on Instagram. Check out or social pages below.

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