Lassi, Kefalonia – Heaven on Earth

We both agree that Lassi in Kefalonia is our favourite place we’ve been to, we make sure we go each year. Being teachers, we try and make sure this tranquil island is our last place to go of the summer because it offers mouth-watering food and a time to just sit back, soak up the sun and enjoy cocktails. Don’t worry if you love to explore, because it also offers plenty of opportunity to do so.

Lassi, Kefalonia

Heaven on Earth

We had no idea what to expect from this place when we first booked in 2018. We finished our student teaching year and decided to book a last minute Tui deal holiday. It instantly became one of our favourite places we’d ever visited.

Argostoli is the capital town and main port of this island and much more built up, but we prefer staying around a 5-10 minute drive away in the nearby resort, Lassi. The reason we prefer this is that it has a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere. There’s more of a holiday vibe to this town and it has such a high quality selection of restaurants that we can stay there to relax.

The scenery is amazing and the food is gorgeous. The town of Lassi is a short ride from the popular Argostoli which is much more built up and has bars open later at night. We enjoy our evening entertainment, however preferred the quieter bars in Lassi which also stayed open reasonably late.

What to do in Lassi

Lassi itself is a small town in Kefalonia but has a range of restaurants to choose from with mind-blowing food available. Most days we like to relax by the swimming pool at Marianna Studios, where they have a pool bar (the food is delicious, try a Pitta Gyros).

The nearby beach is Makris Gialos Beach and offers peaceful, turquoise waters with a nice sandy beach. It also offers water sports, but the beach is spread out, so don’t worry if you want to avoid those sorts of things. We like to hire a pedalo boat for around €15.

We also recommend making a trip to the main town Argostoli which is a 5-10 minute taxi journey. Argostoli brings you trips by the main port (which we’ll discuss further down). It is also a town where you can visit a range of shops, large choice of restaurants/bars. You’ll find that the bars stay open later than the ones in Lassi. A taxi tide to Argostoli will cost around €6 , they can be found parked up on the main road of Lassi.

Where to eat

Sticking in the town of Lassi, Kefalonia, we’re pretty sure it will be impossible to have a bad meal here. It’s hard to choose which restaurant to go to as they all serve exquisite food which will leave your tastebuds drooling for more. Trip advisor is best used here to plan where to eat, we were never disappointed by the restaurants. As traditional greek tavernas go, some of our highlights were:

  • Kefalos – Amazing food, try the feta and filo pastry.
  • Ionio – Another beautiful restaurant, we loved the Pitta Gyros mains.
  • Phaedra – We really enjoyed the Moussaka here and the Pastitsio.
  • Paralos – Amazing pizza in Lassi.
  • Retseto – Yummy traditional food
  • Aqua Marina – Huge portions and great food. They also have a happy hour. We used this place for pre-drinks too.
  • Oskars – This offers a more up-market experience with lovely food. It’s a much longer walk to get here from the centre and you’ll be better off getting a taxi.


Although Lassi in Kefalonia is a quieter area, feeling bored at night won’t be an outcome. This is a family/couple resort so don’t expect the same nightlife as larger cities in Europe, but Lassi still has bars which stay open until the early hours. If you’re after a more lively atmosphere, then a short taxi ride to Argostoli might suit you more.

One of these bars is So Simple which is the more lively bar of Lassi. It has a party atmosphere past 11pm and music is played much louder than others.Nearby, Da Veronika, has a much more chilled atmosphere but occasionally has live music which is worth checking out. Another bar, but quieter, is Trentis bar. If you’re into sport, then this bar has lots of TV’s and they can usually find the game you’re looking for. Finally, Lago bar is another excellent choice. This bar is much steeper and further away from the main road. You can see the sea from this bar and it looks especially nice at sunset.


The Queen Bee Boat Trip is a must!

You’ll have plenty of places to visit on this magnificent island. Some of these might require needing a taxi or hiring a car to have a real exploration. There’s one trip nearby in the capital town of Argostoli which we must recommend though, it’s the best boat trip we’ve ever been on called the Queen Bee boat trip. If looking for more details about the trip, the website can be found here and the facebook page here.

The trip departs from the main port of Argostoli and is run by two brothers (George and Peter). They are absolutely hilarious and will have you laughing and enjoying yourself all day. We went on the day trip (they also have a sunset trip) and we have made this our yearly trip to do. The trip consists of going to amazing locations around Kefalonia, where you can swim to the beaches and enjoy swimming in turquoise, tranquil waters. They also dock up before the other boats which arrive, which makes you feel like you have the locations all to yourself. When we first went, we very fortunate as when we left the port we saw dolphins.

George and Peter are never short of topping you up with wine (included in the trip price). Their mother cooks a traditional Greek meal. We had some awesome Greek pastitsio in 2018 (which we have not found anything as close to being better than since) and a lovely Greek buffet in 2019. I can’t recommend this trip enough and the places you visit are beautiful.

Other trips and exploration of Kefalonia include:

  • Assos Village – This is an achingly pretty village in a cauldron of towering hills. It will take around 1-2 hours in a car from Lassi to get to.
  • Petani Beach – The surface is white as chalk sand and gravel, giving the sea a luminescent look.
  • Myrtos Beach – This beach is often rates as the best in Greece.
  • Antisamos Beach – Bring a snorkel because the water is perfectly clear and you’ll see plenty of colourful fish.
  • Melissani Cave – One of those natural marvels that no picture can do justice. Melissani Cave is a sparkling, blue underground lake, lit from above by a cavity in the rock.  Greek mythology states Melissani was the Cave of the Nymphs, where Melissani drowned after being rejected by the god Pan.

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