Best things to do for a Berlin City Break

This is an incredible city and one we need to see more of when time allows. There is an awful amount of things to do here and a Berlin city break should definitely be on your list of things to do. Our guide will provide you with things to do over a couple of days, hopefully you don’t have to rush like we did.

A day in Berlin

We had a short stop here as it was cheaper to fly home from Berlin from Greece than to Manchester as mentioned in our travel route. We didn’t realise the sheer size of this captivating city, but we were able to visit lots of landmarks thanks to the hop on hop off bus. Visiting in late August, we found the weather beautiful, although it can be a little too hot at times especially if walking around. It is certainly a place we’d like to visit again, when given more time and the bus provided a great opportunity to see lots of famous sights.

Fun things to do in Berlin

Where to start is probably the better question to ask for your Berlin city break. It’s hard to decide where to start, we recommend getting the hop on hop off bus tour if you’re visiting Berlin for a day. It’s a chance to see most must-see places and also to be able to get around Berlin without paying for different forms of transport. We managed to see lots of landmarks in a huge city, in a short space of time.

Berlin wall with grafitti.

Berlin Wall

The obvious place to visit is the Berlin wall. You’ll see lots of decorative art which looks stunning. It’s hard to believe this now art piece divided West Germany and East Germany and broke apart loved ones. Because the wall is so vast, you need to figure out which area is best to visit. Some of the more interesting views of the wall can be found at:

  • East Side Gallery – The longest section of the wall.
  • Gutspark Groß Glienicke – A popular swimming lake, due to it’s crystal clear water.
  • Mauerpark – This area is a favourite for graffiti artists.
  • Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie crowded with lots of people. Advised to go as part of the Berlin city break guide.

Checkpoint Charlie

The guardhouse and sandbags have been kept and are definitely worth a picture at this historic landmark. It was the site of several daring escapes by East Germans before the wall was knocked down and is the legendary crossing between West and East Berlin.

Check out some other amazing landmarks to visit below.

What to eat

A currywurs with chips. Advised to eat on a Berlin Vcity break.

As things to do in Berlin, you must try something famous to eat here. Look no further than the currywurst. This delicious, delicacy of Berlin is a must! We did some research on the best places to order from and bought ours from Curry Mitte, however i’m sure most places do a good tasting one. A currywurst is sausage chopped with ketchup and curry powder. It became popular after World War Two when people were poor and needed cheap food which filled you up.

Where to go out

If you’re on a Berlin city break then don’t miss an opportunity for a night out. Have a wander around Warschauer Strasse for some of the best nightlife. If you’re fancying something more hip then you might want to try the area of Kreuzberg. Below we’ve listed two famous nightclubs/bars for you to try out if you’re on a city break in Berlin.

Berghain nightclub. Part of a city break in Berlin guide.

Berlin has been famed for having a great atmosphere where you night time can be come day time. Perhaps the most well known bar/club to visit is Berghain & Panorama Bar. Famous for it’s techno music, you’ll find you don’t want to leave when visiting this place. There’s just one issue…getting in. It’s well known for being very hard to get into this bar because of a strict bouncer door policy. There’s a list of tips to get in, to help boost your chances. No one really knows what counts as to getting in though.

Here’s some tips:

  • Don’t wear fancy going out clothes.
  • Don’t be noisy in the queue or be laughing.
  • Do not take your phone out at any point.
  • Be discrete and try to act cool.
Sisyphos is a nightclub in Berlin. Part of a city break in Berlin guide.

Sisyphos is a place where you’re more likely to get in, don’t be put off by the queues. This place is quirky and it will seem like you’re at a festival. If you’re tired of how busy it is and fancy a breather, then fear not as there’s a massive outdoor area to chill out. Located a little further out the way (15 minute drive), look out for a free shuttle from Ostkreuz S-Bahn station.

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